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Events Of The Civil Rights Mov

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Events Of The Civil Rights Mov


I. Introduction

A. Why it began

B. What happened

II. Emmett Till

A. Said "Bye-Baby" to white woman

B. White woman brother and husband kill Emmett

C. Both men found not guilty of their crimes

III. Little Rock Nine

A. Gov. Faubus denies entry

B. Pres. Eisenhower ordered troops to integrate Central High School

C. Ernest Green first black graduate of Central High

IV. James Meredith

A. Denied by the University of Mississippi after being accepted

B. Pres. Kennedy ordered troops to escort Meredith to campus

C. Meredith graduates two years later

V. COFO Members

A. Arrested on false charges of speeding

B. Murdered by the KKK

C. Pres. Johnson had FBI investigate

D. A few men were charged with charges of violating civil rights

VI. Conclusion

A. Not able to share all

B. Hope you liked it


Events of the Civil Rights Movement

The United States Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's was the centerfold of the

1900's. The Movement came about because not all Americans were being treated fairly. In

general white Americans were treated better than any other American people, especially black

people. There were many events of the Civil Rights Movement some dealt with black people

not getting a fair education. Some events came about because people were advocating that

people should be able to practice their American rights. The term paper that you are about to

read is composed of events that occurred as apart of the Civil Rights Movements. The events

are all in chronological order with the brutal murder of Emmett Till first in order. After that is the

story of Arkansas' Central High School's integration. Keeping with the idea of equal education,

you will be able read how the University of Mississippi was integrated by James Meredith with

the assistance of the U.S. Government. Lastly you will see the power the Ku Klux Klan had in

the deep South, especially Mississippi, with the murder of three members of the Council of

Federated Organizations (COFO). These events are just a glimpse of what the Civil Rights

Movement truly was. Now here is the strory of young Emmett Till.

Emmett Till

Not knowing the customs of Mississippi was the downfall for young Emmett Till. While

visiting family near Money, Mississippi, Emmett Till, age 14, was murdered. Emmett grew up on

Chicago's South side, where he was a fun loving child with a bit of a smart mouth. Living in

Chicago, Emmett knew of segregation but had white play mates. On one occasion he had

showed his cousins a picture of a white girl and had told them that she was his girl. His friends

were some what impressed and had dared Emmett to speak to a white woman who was inside

of the store, that they were standing in front of. Emmett went in and bought some candy and as

he left, he said to the woman, "Bye-baby." That would be the biggest mistake of his life. When

the woman's husband got back from out of town, there was trouble for Emmett. The woman's

husband, Roy Bryant, and her brother, J.W. Milam, paid a visit to the cabin of Mose Wright,

Emmett's grandfather. The white men did not listen to Mose Wrights suggestion that since

Emmett was not from Mississippi, that they may just whip him. Instead, the men kidnapped

Emmett and took him to the Tallahatchie River. When they got to the River, they made him

carry a 75 pound cotton gin fan to the river bank. The men ordered Emmett to strip, then they

beat him and gouged his eye out. After that, they shot him in the head and then threw his body

into the river. When his body was discovered, he was so badly mangled that his grandfather

was only able to recognize Emmett by the ring that he wore, which bore his father's initials. The

authorities of Mississippi wanted Emmett's body buried quickly in Mississippi, so that the news

would just stay in Mississippi. Emmett's mother (Mamie Bradley) did not want her son's body

buried in the land that let his killers go free. Emmett's body was shipped to Chicago, where his

funeral was held. Emmett's funeral was attended by thousands, at which his mother left the

casket open. A picture of Emmett's distended corpse was published in Jet magazine. Mamie

Bradley decided to have the funeral delayed because she wanted the world to see what "those

animals that call themselves men" had done to her son. In less than two weeks after the body of

Emmett was buried his murderers were put on trial in a segregated court room. The two were

acquitted of murder, because the jury claimed the state failed to identify the body. Blacks in

other states saw Mississippi as the ultimate symbol of white supremacy for the ignoring the

murder of black children. The public's reaction was further fueled when Milam and Bryant were

not indicted on charges of kidnapping. Till's murder is seen as an engine for the Civil Rights

Movement, since it affected adolescents that were apart of the movement. Mamie Bradley

lectured around the country calling herself a "nobody" and her son " a little nobody that shook up

the world". She used to believe that the business of blacks in the South was their own business,

but then saw that it was everyone's business. The murder of Emmett Till gave the first spark to

the civil rights movement. A few months later Mrs. Rosa Parks did not give up her seat.

Little Rock Nine

On September 25, 1957, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus was pushed to the side by

President Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower, ordered federal troops to integrate Central High

School. Nine black students desegrated Central High School, after weeks of being turned away

by Governor Faubus and a mob of white people. ...

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