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Europe's The Great War For Empire

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The Great War for Empire was one of the most important factors in
shaping the economic and political futures for all of Europe in the
eighteenth century and for all time to come. In this essay I will discuss
the causes, the events, and finally the results of this important war,
which consisted of the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War.

The War of the Austrian Succession began as King Frederick II gained
the throne to Prussia, and in less than a year ordered his troops to take
and occupy the large Austrian province of Silesia. The leader of Austria
was Maria Theresa; Although she was an inexperienced leader, she was
capable of arousing other groups (like the Magyars of Hungary) to help her
not re-take Silesia, but to maintain the Hapsburg dynasty as a major
political power. France was also one of these powers to fight, they did not
want a powerful army to emerge in Prussia and to ever become an strong
enemy (ironically, that's just what happens). The wealthy British
merchants pushed England to financially assist the Prussian aggressors, in
the hope of weakening France and winning other fights off-continent.

The causes which led up to the Seven Years' War, were very similar to
those just eight years previously. King Frederick invaded another province,
Saxony, and this triggered another alliance between Austria and France with
the goal to totally destroy Prussia. There was also a growing conflict
facing France and Great Britain that would continue to increase in
momentum. This war was the prelude to what American would call "The French
and Indian War" in which ...

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