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An elegy is a poem that reflects upon death. It is a very good way for people to

release stress. It makes others think. An elegy to some people, is very depressing to

read. Most of thge time it tells the truth about a side of a persons life, that no one

knows about. An elegy could be a real breath taker, if taken the right way.

There are many well known elegy authors. One of them is Thomas Gray. Gray

wrote the elegy ?Written in a Country Churchyard.?In Gray's poem, he compares the

life of a human with a day. The morning would be the person when they were young.

High noon would be around middle age. The evening would be when they are

elderly. For the obsticles people have to go through in their life, he puts in wind, rain,

and so on to reflect upon the difficult tasks one faces.

Thomas Gray wrote another poem called ?The curse upon Edward.? In this

poem, Gray does not compare and contrast. He talks about death up front. He says

that ?The shrieks of death, thro? Berkley's roof that ring.?(Gray. 821) Gray has a way of

writing lines in difficult ways, that you could have used six words to explain the

sentence. In his last poem ?The Progress of Poesy,? Gray has a different way of

explaining his point of view. In this particular poem he pertains to life as a drink. He

wants the reader to get a mental picture of a human , drinking life like a glass of tea.

Grays point, is the a person has total control of what they do, and what a person does

not do. If one makes a ...

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