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History -reenacts the closing events of jesus' life -links past-present-
future one ceremony -powerful, meaningful ritual -last of the 3 sacraments
of initiation -prescribed by christ -have to see the as body, not

Eucharist celebrates -"a way of remembering" -daily reminder of Gods love -
jesus shared bread at last supper/do this in memory of me -a thanksgiving
feast -"eucharist" means giving thanx

Ritual Meal -earliest form of rituals are eating and gathering -sacrifice
meal -ritual not a routine -builds on the symbolism of a ritual mean

Sign and Symbols -symbol of gods love for us -jesus' body -last
supper/banquet -welcome others to participate in the eucharist -unfilled
celebration -if we went to mass on sunday, it would make the rest of the
week more meaningful -unified body -it is the most commonly received
sacrament, most pivotal of 7 -as a community, we celebrate the presence of
christ in the eucharist -bread: basic food for most people/closely assoc
with nature
human work

Vestements -white/purple/black robe

Words -"Do this in Memory of Me." -"This is my body, which has been given
up for you."



Thesis: The Eucharist is a sign of Jesus' death, and how He gave himself up
for us, and how we experience Him through His body.

History of the


The Eucharist is a Jewish Ritual of worship. It dates back to the
Last Supper, where Jesus celebrated a typical Jewish community meal with
His friends. Sharing a meal with family, (very important to the Jews) also
dates back to the Passover Meal. This is called the Liturgy of the
Eucharist, and the early Christians added Jewish synagogue service and then
became the Liturgy of the Word. 1
The Eucharist is a sacrament, and is also a ritual. It is a repeated
sacrament, and is the most frequently used among all sacraments. It is "a
way of remembering" and a daily reminder if God's love. 2 Jesus at the
Last Supper shared bread with us, and said "Do this in Memory of Me." This
is why we have bread, because it represents Jesus' body, and how He gave
Himself up for us. The first little while of the Church, the "Mass was
celebrated as a friendship meal called agape." 3 Christians shared brought
food to the house where they were assembled, but as the numbers increased,
the meal was cut down to bread and wine. Today, the offertory collection
echoes the early years of the spirit giving at the Eucharist. 4 It is
living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever believes has eternal life.

Rituals of the


The Eucharist, breaking of the bread, sharing the wine, eating and
gathering are the earliest form of rituals. These rituals are a sacrifice
meal. They are sacrifice meals because they take time, and are enjoyed, so
therefore it is a ...

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