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Essay on keeping fit, the shor

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Essay on keeping fit, the shor

Truth or Consequences

(on the short story Keeping Fit)

Life is a mixture of truths, choices, and consequences. Turning points in a life occur when truths are seen, consequences are realized, and choices are made. It may be a vague insinuation of a truth that has never been seen, or it may be a blunt reality that is forced onto a person. It may lead to a welcome change that is healthy and favorable, or it may lead to an uninvited transformation that is ultimately regretful. Seeing a truth completely causes the realization that society is not as balanced as it appears. In the short story "Keeping Fit", Nadine Gordimer shows how a life can be changed by a simple event that sheds light to a simple, if not cruel, truth. The life of the running man was nearly perfect. He had all he wanted and didn't realize the suffering that occurred on the other side of the town. The unforeseen visit to the impoverished part of town forces the running man to recognize the fact that unlike his sheltered life, the world is rarely just and fair.

The life of the running man is one of pleasure and contentment. He is a stereotypical white-man, and fulfills all aspects of the character that was created for him. He is a wealthy broker that has a family, a home and a life free from injustice. In his world, he is free from the pain and suffering that many other people have to suffer. Since most short stories have little character development, it is up to the reader to create the character through hints and actions that the protagonist performs. In this story, through the running man's thoughts and actions while he was trapped, we begin to understand why this event changed him so much. Before the incident with the mob and the poor part of town, he had gotten on with his life by ignoring the fact that there were victims, and not only that, but he hadn't been exposed to those who actually suffered. He was blind to the fact that such a poor state of existence was possible. He constantly reminded himself to never go on the other side of the highway. When the mob of people uncontrollable swept him into it, it was a shock he wasn't prepared for. The only thoughts that raced through his head were to escape. When he was finally free of the place, he realized not only that there were people who were suffering, but that there was a total lack of justice in that part of town. The police were the ones that were hunting people down and beating them to death. He realized how unfair humanity can be, and how lucky he is to be living the life he living.

Breathe. Breathe. Those are the thoughts that are going through the running man's head while he starts his morning jog. He enters the jog casually, because it's probably something he's been doing for quite sometime. He jogs by the poor part of town, separated by the four-lane road, knowing that he's never to go on the other side. Not because he knows what's there, but because he's heard things, and knows that white people don't dare enter. When the mob of people suddenly burst from the town, he doesn't know what to expect. He uncontrollably gets caught up with them, and can't get free. He notices another black man that is being beaten by the others. Then, as briefly and as suddenly as it began, the mob leaves, and he finds himself on the other side of the highway, trapped in the slummy, condemned part of town, with a corrugated ...

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