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Endangered species in canada

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Endangered species in canada

Endangered Species in Canada

There are many trillions of living creatures, and millions of

different kinds of animals and plants share our planet (pg 46, Savage).

Each Kind, or species, is special and unique. But, some of these species

are in danger of disappearing forever, just as the passenger pigeon did.

When the last member of a species disappears, that species is said to be

extinct. Never again will there be another creature of that type on the

planet for eternity. In the following essay it will be proven that Canadian

Wildlife is becoming endangered due to the actions of man.

Our Country was once filled with wildlife, and in the past, people

hunted without worrying about the future. It seemed as though there was an

unlimited amount of wildlife to be found. But overhunting has changed this

and caused the extinction of many species.

Canadian people of the past thought that if you protected animals from

hunting, that would be enough. Today we now know that we must also protect

there habitats. This is where they find food, water, shelter, and a place

to have their young. Even if they are not hunted, animals will die out if

these necessities cannot be met.

In this century, loss of habitat has been one of the main caused of

extinction (pg 8, Silverstein). People share the country and the planet

with all the other creatures that live here. As human population grows,

people spread out into areas that once were wild, and they compete with

animals for living space. Mort times than not the animals lose in this


People cut down forests for lumber, clear fields for farms, and fill

swamps to build towns, highways, and factories. Land can also be cleared

for such things as mineral extraction. Wild animals get fenced out from

areas that were once their homes. Larger animals are affected the worst

because they need large open spaces, and when these areas shrink it is much

more difficult to find food, and live without the fear of man.

When a small lot of land is cleared for a home, not much is affected.

When a whole city is built in what was once a wild area, an entire species

of animal may be endangered. People often see wild animals as a nuisance

and drive them away into the remaining wildland. But, as the Canada's

wildland disappears, there will be fewer places for the wildlife to go.

Even habitats that are left intact and not disturbed by human

intervention, may infact be unsafe for wildlife because of pollution. Oil

spills pollute the oceans and injure or kill water mammals and birds. When

farmers spray their crops with pesticides to keep insects from eating their

crops, many animals are harmed as well. Industries send out chemicals

into the air, water, and land, with no concern about what it may be doing

to the environment. Garbage dumps leak toxic chemicals into neighbouring

lakes and rivers, also affecting birds and fish. The garbage that is dumped

straight into the ocean poisons wildlife severely. Also, animals may

mistake plastics and styrofoam for food or become strangled by plastic

six-pack holders.

Not all animals environments are poisoned by accident. Some rancher,

for example, have put out poison for coyotes and wolves because these

animals sometimes kill there cattle or sheep. People and industries must

be more aware of what they are doing to the environment and how they affect

the wildlife in general.

Until recently, most people believed that the earth and everything on

it belonged to humans and that we could do whatever we wa nted with any of

the creatures that shared our planet. Human activities have driven many

species to the verge of extinction, but there have been some encouraging

examples of how society can save endangered animals. One of these is the

American bison, or buffalo.

The buffalo once was the symbol of the American wilderness. These huge

animals roamed the plains, grazing in enormous herds. There were 30 million

buffalo in the West in the 1860's. But, by 1883, hunters had killed all

but 1,00 of them (pg 14, Silverstein). Fortunately, several people had

captured some buffalo to raise in captivity. By 1890, 600 of the 700

remaining buffalo were in ...

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