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Endagerment of the grizzlies

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Endagerment of the grizzlies

With all the new and advanced technology that is accessible today, who has time to enjoy or care about the great outdoors? Unfortunately, much of the wilderness and the animals within it are gradually fading away. There are many animals that have already been extinct and many more will soon be put on the list of extinction. In the second issue of Target Earth, Tim Stevens found in 1975, the grizzly bear was listed as a threatened species, under the Endangered Species Act. Stevens also stated, Today, the grizzly bear hangs on in the last remnants of wild places left in the U.S.--places like the Greater Yellowstone, Glacier Park, and Shelkirk Mountains of Northern Idaho. The survival of the grizzly bear depends on several factors such as: amount of food they need and amount of space they need to live.

Grizzly bears have tremendous food requirements in order to survive--adult females average 300 pounds, and males around 450 pounds, stated Stevens. Furthermore, grizzly bears are opportunistic feeders thriving on roots, berries, pine nuts, insects, herbaceous vegetation, fish, small mammals, and occasionally wild ungulates and their young. With grizzly bears wide variety of provisions, they need a large area to sustain themselves. Stevens stated, a male grizzly bear will use up to a 500 square mile "home range" throughout its life. Glover and Johnson stated, a female grizzly bear will use up 11-490 square miles throughout its life. Being that the grizzly bear is a wide-ranging, slow breeding species, and as such, are very good indicators of the overall health of the ecosystems they depend upon. If the habitat is in good shape, one could assume the bear is doing rather well(Stevens, Target Earth).

However, conservation biologist states, none of the current grizzly populations is large enough to sustain itself over time. Aldo Leoplod states, the most feasible way to enlarge the area available for wilderness fauna is for the wilder parts of the National Forests, which usually surround the Parks, to function as parks in respect of threatened species.

Leopold goes on to state, they have not so functioned is tragically illustrated in the case of the grizzly bear. The Greater Yellowstone is isolated from other wildland ecosystems. These populations become vulnerable to inbreeding and other genetic problems, it is critical to have these grizzly bear ecosystems connected by "linkages" or "biological corridors." Ecosystems are much larger than the designated national parks within them. At the core of the Greater Yellowstone National Park, which is 2.2 million acres. The ecosystem is 18 million acres and includes 7 national forests, wilderness areas, national wildlife refuges and Bureau of Land Management land. Bears are not only dependent upon the National Park "core," but also upon the surrounding lands. Scientists have long recognized that these species are dependent upon the health of the entire ecosystem(Stevens, Target Earth).

The grizzly bears habitat is slowly diminishing. The Northeast part of Greater Yellowstone provides a good example of the overall cumulative effects that many activities can have on an area. This area has been one of the best and most productive regions for grizzly bears. However, the U.S. Forest Service has been steadily logging and roading many of the last non-wilderness public lands in the region. For example, in one area called the Sunlight Basin, nearly, 4,500 acres of trees have been harvested since 1986. All of this timber was in grizzly habitat. Unfortunately, more timber sales are planned for this are in the future(Stevens, Target Earth)..

In addition, on our national forest lands, logging and mining companies and willing federal agencies continue the steady drumbeat of resource extraction. Logging, road building and other developments have begun to invade ...

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