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Elisa Allen

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Elisa Allen

The Chrysanthemums

The Chrysanthemums is a story that takes place in the Salinas Valley of California. The story\\'s main character is Elisa Allen. Elisa is thirty-five years old. She is a character that goes through development and many changes in the story.

Through out the story Elisa Allen goes through both physical and mental changes.\\"In the beginning of the story Elisa is strong and eager\\"). She is working in her garden. Her husband Henry comes over to see her and asks her if she would like to go to town for dinner and a movie. Elisa becomes all happy when Henry asks her to do this. Elisa tells Henry that she would like to go to town. \\"She said she would like to go to town with him like she really didn\\'t get to spend much time with him\\".

Elisa\\'s mental attitude changes once again when the man tells her that he wants to give the chrysanthemum seeds to a lady that he sees during his trip. When Elisa heard what the man wanted to do \\" she ran excitedly along the geranium bordered path to the back of the house\\" . She was running to get a flower pot to put the chrysanthemum seeds in. The man left with the flower pot and Elisa was very happy.

Elisa was really happy when she left with her husband to go to town. This didn\\'t last very long. Her whole attitude changed when she saw what the man had done with the chrysanthemum seeds. They had all been thrown on the side of the road. The man just

left with the flower pot. Elisa had felt really hurt when she saw the seeds on the side of

the road. The chrysanthemums were something Elisa planted all her life. When she saw them on the ground she felt like her Fe was just thrown away.

In the story Elsia goes through physical changes as well. Elisa was only thirty five years old. From working in her garden all the time her face was lean and strong. Her body was blocked and heavy.

While Elisa was working in the garden she was wearing a heavy gardening costume, a man\\'s black hat, clod-hopper shoes, and a big corduroy apron. She changes when she goes to town with Henry. Now she was wearing her newest under clothing and her nicest stockings. She also put on a dress which was a symbol of her prettiness. Before she was dressed like a hard working person and she really didn\\'t look like a woman. Now she really did look like a woman.

Elisa also seems like she starts some relationships in the story. It seems that she starts a small relationship with the man. She really did not want anything to do with at first. When the man says that he knows someone that wanted Elisa\\'s chrysanthemum seeds to grow she starts to like him. Before this the man wanted Elisa to give him something to fix. Elisa just would not give him anything. Once she heard him mention her chrysanthemums she changed. She ran to the back of the house and found a flower pot for him. She brought it back and gave it to him. This is why I think she started a small relationship with the man.

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