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Effects of smoking 2

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Effects of smoking 2

One of the most addictive and destructive, over-the-counter drugs known to modern man. One of the few legal substances available in stores that can injure or kill when used as intended. Most rational people know this as a fact, yet many continue to smoke. Some smokers know, deep in their hearts, they want to quit. Others are quite content to keep on puffing because they 'enjoy' it so much.

Why would seemingly intelligent people continue to smoke, knowing full well the dangers and potential implications of doing so? Well folks, I don't want to disillusion anybody, but it is because they are nicotine addicts Cigarette smokers are just as much an addict as someone hooked on crack, cocaine, morphine or heroin. The folks that say they don't want to quit, because of the pleasure they derive from smoking, are not really speaking for themselves. It is their addiction speaking for them. It is that little addicted voice inside their minds rationalizing the addiction, because they know, it might hurt to quit. They know that there will be a sense of loss. They know that ...

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