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Educational Shows On Television

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No it isn't

I personally learned a lot from watching television. I think it matters what kids watch, and how much of it per day. I learned to read from watching PBS (Between the Lions and Reading Rainbow were two of PBS' best shows), not to mention other skills like basic math, grammar, etc. Added onto the channels like History Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, etc, there are several ways TV can help kids out, or at least help get them interested in different things. And watching cartoons for an hour or two a day won't kill anyone, I'd spend a lot more than that watching TV some days, and I turned out just fine (or so I am told :P) I'm not stupid, I'm not illiterate, I'm not obese. People need to stop ragging on the TV. Sure it isn't the greatest way to spend your time, but it surely isn't the worst.

It's not Gonna kill children

I even LEARN stuff on TV... Take a minute to some that in... Thanks to the Big Bang Theory... My sister 6 year old knows what THE BONES IN HUMAN BODY is. Nowadays on the kids channel they include learning stuff (which is okay with me... / :) it is just the annoying "Got milk?" But I guess that is because I'm halfway between vegetarian and vegan.

There are lots of good educational shows on television.

Yes there are violent shows. I'll be the first to admit that. But there are a lot more educational shows than violent TV shows. Just because there are some violent TV shows does not mean that people should ban television. Parents should watch TV with them and block toes violent shows. The result of this that a family can spend family time together and b kids can get smarter and know more.

I don't think so......

First of all kids need to have some fun life and relax and all but you should treat your child not to watch bad stuff and all for grownups or something but I do know that they can watch ...

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