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Editorial why conan o brian is

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Editorial-why conan o brian is

Ask kids today what late night show they watch, and the answer will invariably be Conan O? Brian. There is an extensive amount of proof that shows more young viewers are tuning in to ?Late Night?, than the ?Tonight Show?, with Jay Leno. For one, Conan is considerably funnier than Leno. The original jokes written by Conan give his monologue the edge over Leno's obvious cracks about celebrity foibles. Also, O? Brian does an enormous amount of original skits that give the show a much-needed break away from ?mainstream? comedy. Lastly, Conan has one thing that puts him infinitely ahead of Leno, and that is one Andy Richter. This incredible comedic duo has turned a low-budget, virtually unknown late night show, into a national obsession.

With so many years of experience writing for such shows as Saturday Night Live, and even producing the longest running cartoon series, ?The Simpsons?, Conan knows comedy. This knowledge is evident in his opening monologue. With his well timed one liners, and hilarious gestures and facial expressions on stage, he draws the audience in. And once I?m tuned in, I am unable to look away. Conan's jokes are endlessly funnier than Leno. One reason for this is that Leno's humor is so expected. He takes the easy way out of jokes. Where as O? Brian's humor is off the wall, and straight out of left field, and unexpected. This is why I laugh.

Conan is continually coming up ...

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