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Ebola 3

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Ebola 3

Ebola-Pronunciation: E-'bO-l&, i-, e-

Function: noun

Etymology: Ebola River, Zaire, site of an outbreak of the virus in 1976

Date: 1977

: An RNA-containing virus of African origin that causes an often fatal Hemorrhagic fever -- called also Ebola.

Zaire, 1976

A strange virus kills 340 of Zaire's natives. This virus has never been seen by man, so there is no cure. Three out of four people die, and the fourth person, who lives, will suffer severely. This virus is believed to come from the Ebola River in Zaire. The virus' name is Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, also known as Ebola for short. Ebola is a member of RNA virus' known as filoviruses. Filoviruses are enveloped, single stranded, negative-sense of RNA viruses. Ebola is the deadliest virus known to man, and spreads in a breath of air. The symptoms of this deadly virus starts with sudden fevers, weakness, muscle pain, extreme headaches, and soar throats. These symptoms begin four-sixteen days after infection. After about 2 days of these symptoms you start to "crash". A crash is when you vomit uncontrollably until there is nothing left to vomit (you vomit blood, bile and other liquids of the body), you suffer from diarrhea, limited kidney function, internal and external bleeding, you bleed from every opening on your body, blood fails to clot, so if you get cut in any way your body will never stop bleeding from that wound. Ebola could spread and infect everyone in the world in 48 hours.

Marburg, Germany

In this small German town people were taking tests on African monkeys. These monkeys were infected with the infamous Ebola virus. What's horrifying about Ebola is that the virus can change easily, as it did with this newest strand, Marburg. Now, the ...

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