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Early Marriages Are Usually Unhappy Marriages

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People who marry at an early age usually have unhappy marriages. The truth can be said for the above statement. The results are sometimes disastrous and painful for some; others seem to never heal emotionally from their experiences.
In the community about fifty years ago arranged marriages were acceptable, usually the girls were around twelve to thirteen, some were luckier than others and were kept home until they were sixteen to eighteen. Even today a lot of societies still practice this arrangement. However this does not make the situation right. Some of those marriages have lasted even until this day, but so to some has not. Why, one may ask?
The marriages that lasted had to do with a certain amount of respect and acceptance for tradition. Although some of the marriages that lasted had it's fair share of problems, the couples always maintained that they had to compromise and keep their respect for each other high above the troubled waters. The ones that did not last may have been so because the two people who were put together were entirely incompatible. Many stories have been heard but few have been learnt from.
Today some young people believe that they need to wait before they make that big commitment. Indeed there must be some just reason for them to conclude this. But as it is with many situations there is another side to this reasoning. And in recent studies many young people believe that if the mood is right that it makes it okay for them to get married. Strangely, this is not any surprise, since some of the reasons for getting married may be a little justifiable, the essence remains the same ninety percent of these marriages don't last.
Most of the reasons given are generally along the same line. The young lady had gotten pregnant and her family had turned their backs on her, she had no where else to go, so she married the young man, who still lived with his parents, and moved in. Of course a lot of times this is one of the very reasons that the marriages don't last, due to the in-laws. Other relationships are quite different and in the end the replies are all to familiar, " I guess I did not know him after all."
Some young men often find it very hard to commit to one girl, and after they get married they realize that they don't want to be with that person anymore. The consequences of this vary, for one the young lady becomes depressed and distanced. Another result is that the young man may start to have illicit affairs and also may ...

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