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Dualism In Christianity And Zoroastrianism

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Christianity and Zoroastrianism share many of the same basic thoughts on the subject of dualism and cosmic warfare. Both religions are monotheistic and Christianity is thought to have some what sprung out of the ideals of the profit Zoroaster. The two religions share the belief of good versus evil in their end times eschatology. The differences can be found in the names of the spirits as well as in what they are thought to do. Zoroastrianism and Christianity share ideals but also hold their own unique belief on the subject of cosmic dualism.
Zoroastrianism was the first founded monotheistic religion. The dates of the founding of this religion are disputed even today. According to the beliefs of Zoroastrianism the two forces to do battle in the final days are refereed to as Ahura Mazda and Ahriman. Ahura Mazda is the supreme god who dwelt on high in omniscience and goodness. He is said to be forever held in the light. The second of these spirits was Ahriman. He dwelled in the deepest depths of darkness. HE had a lust to destroy, and would take every opportunity to cause others to commit evil. The battle ground for the great confrontation between these two cosmic powers is the universe itself. Ahura Mazda created the world as a trap for Ahriman. Human beings draw him into this world creating a chance for him to cause others to do evil. As he enters the world he is now on Ahura Mazda's battle ground. As the people from the world choose good over evil voluntarily, Ahriman is continually weakened until he reaches the point where Ahura Mazda will destroy him. The battle is said to rage on for 12,000 years until finally Ahriman will fall to Ahura Mazda.
The claim has been made that Zoroastrianism is monotheistic. It is also alleged that the opposing forces in the world, good and evil, are represented by two equal forces. Modern day Parsees resolve the contradiction by explaining that Ahura Mazda has always and will always stand above all. Ahriman, also referred to as Anra Mainyu, was created from an evil thought that once entered the mind of Ahura Mazda. But the end times battle will be between not so much Ahriman and Ahura Mazda as Ahriman and Spenta Mainyu, a good spirit created by Ahura Mazda.
The world has been divided into three sections in Zoroastrianism. The upper world is bathed in light, the earth divided into seven separate sections, and the underworld a place filled with eternal darkness. The world will only exist for the 12,000 years of the cosmic battle. In the beginning, as Ahriman attempts to kill Ahura Mazda, he is stopped and is said to be almost pulled away. Both of the spirits then agree on a period of peace that is to last 9,000 years. During the next 3,000 years Ahura Mazda creates angels, good spirits, and Fravashis. These Fravashis are the original heavenly images of man living in the upper world. During the next 3,000 years they will descend down upon the Earth. They are there to lead perfectly sinless lives as an example. Anra Minyu, or Ahriman, is angry because he can see the distinct advantage that Ahura Mazda has gained in preparation for the final battle. He makes an attempt to bring evil into the world but ...

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