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Drunk Driving(Interlock)

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Drunk Driving(Interlock)

The Ignition Interlock for Drunk Drivers

The ignition interlock is a high tech system that eveuates the persons BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) to see if the individual has been drinking. The device works like a normal Breathalyzer. The device is mounted on the dashboard and in order for the car to start the individual must blow into the machine. The machine then evaluates the persons BAC and if that person shows no sign of alcohol use the car will start. If the results come back saying he has consumed alcohol the vehicle will not start. When the vehicle starts and has been for around an hour the person must again blow into the machine to once again evaluate the person's condition. The maximum aloud limit is .04 mg of alcohol per 100mL of blood. Each time the individual uses the system and small computer records information. The system it self costs around 135.00 with a maintenance fee of about 100.00 a month.

The hypotheses for this program are: Is the ignition interlock program effective in reducing impaired driving recidivism? Does it have an impact on more serious, persistent impaired drivers? Finally, does the program continue to be effective even after the interlock device is removed? (Weinrath)

Random sampling of Canadian drivers who had their license suspended between 1989-94 did the I.I.P. (Ignition Interlock Program). The sample was done with 994 offenders' age 20 and up. 125 of them were female, 701 were male and 189 ignition interlock cases. The breakdown was 168 I.I.P cases and 826 drunk driving offenders for the comparison group. These tests were done in Canada and others were done in states of Ohio, California and Oregon. The problems for those tests were inaccurate data received from the tests. In Ohio and California no control groups was used and the data fail to give them the correct info. The control group was used in Oregon with two sides one group was created using reinstated drivers that never had the program. Using the offenders who used the I.I.P. Due to its short experiment time it was hard to get any long-term data out of the study created the other group.

Referring back to the samples taken in Canada. 87% of them were men in there 30's who were employed (75%). 43% of them were married living in normal relationship. 57% of them were single or divorced or widowed. Half the samples (50%) lived in rural small towns. (Weinrath)

I believe the ignition interlock system is a great way to keep drunks off the road. As the result of this test show the decrease in accidents with the Ignition interlock system. I included a graph to show the survival rates of offenders over two years. Even after the removal of the ignition interlock there was a 10% difference in DUI recidivism. Even ...

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