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Dosage of Diovan

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In dosage and administration it has been separated into four indication which includes

* Adult hypertension
* Pediatric hypertension
* Heart failure
* Post-myocardial infraction.

Adult Hypertension

* For an adult that are hypertension they are recommend to dose Diovan, which diovan has a range from 80mg to 320mg,
* For patients who would like to used as monotherapy they could dose 80mg to 160mg daily,
* but for patients who want greater reduction they could take higher dose which is 320mg daily.
* Maximal reduction will occur after 4 weeks or antihypertensive within 2 weeks.
* Diovan can be taken with or without food.

Pediatric Hypertension 6-16 years of age

* For children it has a range of 40mg to 160mg per day,
* for children who cannot swallow, suspension is recommened, it is 1.6 times greater than with the tablets.
* Preparation of suspension for 160mL of a 4mg/mL suspension by adding 80mL of Ora-Plus to a glass bottle containing 8 diovan 80mg tablets, then shake for 2 minutes and wait for 1 hour then shake for another 1 minute and then add another 80mL of Ora-sweet SF to the glass bottle and shake for 10 seconds.
* This suspension could be store for 30 days at room temperature or 75 days at refrigerated condition.
* Shake the bottle before consuming it.

Most common side effects when treat high blood pressure

::Flu symptoms
::Stomach (abdominal) pain

Heart failure

* Dose 40mg of Diovan twice daily
* 80mg to 160mg ...

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