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are beautiful and intelligent craters that have attracted the attention of people for thousands of years. The animals appeared in Greek and roman mythology and it is said that the ancient Greeks considered the common dolphin sacred to the god Apollo. For centuries, sailors have regarded the presence of near ships as a sing that they will have a smooth voyage. (Grolier 1996)
are actually a coned of small-toothed whale. They are mammals in the order cetacean (cetacean is a collective term for whales, and porpoises. Like all other mammals, have lungs. The animals must surface regularly to breathe air, usually once or twice a minute. When at the surface the dolphin breathes through a nostril on top of its head called a blowhole. The blowhole is sealed wile underwater by a series of powerful muscles. They have torpedo-shaped bodies, which enable the animals to move through the water quickly and easily. There skin is rubbery and smooth. They have a layer of fat beneath there skin which keeps the dolphin warm and stores food. It is also think that the blubber helps them to stay afloat, since it as lighter then water.
have distant cautious that make them direct the other whales, most dolphin species have a distinct beck where as porpoises have a more rounded shape to there head. They also have a hooked-shaped dorsal fin not fend in other specious, as will as conical teeth.
Erans explains that evolved from the Mesonychicsi, large land mammals and the earliest recognizable cetaceans lived about 50 million year ago. The earliest did not appear ...

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