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Does Plato Believe There Can Ever Be A Just Society?

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In answering this question I first need to describe what a just society
would consist of. A perfect state can only be lead under perfect conditions.
Civil Society would be a better name for this state. A just state would be made
up of three parts. First, a state is a structure with parts that work together
like an organism. If the parts do not work well together then the whole thing
breaks down. It must have virtues, voices, it can be wise and brave. The state
must have everyone performing there jobs to their best ability. For a state to
be just the people within the state must also be just. A man is just when he
has a well ordered soul because then you will do the right thing by performing
good and just actions. A soul must be allowed to perform its proper function.
In a state you cannot define justice by a man because a man can decay into
ugliness. Instead you must define justice based on forms. Plato says that the
forms are eternal and ever lasting.
What constitutes an unjust society is a lack of knowledge. So ignored
to create a just society we must educate people. The society must be well
rounded in their education for if they are not they will have problems in
society. A society must be fit, participation in athletics, they need to be
sensitive to prose poetry, and have knowledge of mathematics and science.
Education can not be on specialties, but everything mind, spirit, and body.
Having a well rounded education will help people to communicate in all areas.
The more you know in many different areas the better over all communication a

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