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Do Cleaning Chemicals Clean As Well After They Have Been Frozen

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The researcher is trying to determine whether or not cleaning materials
will clean as well if they have been frozen solid and subsequently thawed out
until they have returned to a liquid state of matter.
The researcher will use Dial Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, Clorox
Bleach, and Parson's Ammonia, applied to simple bacon grease, to determine which
chemical is least affected by the glaciation.

The researcher feels that the process of glaciation will degrade the
ability of these three household cleaning chemicals to breakdown the most common
kitchen cleaning problem - grease.
For example, the freezing, thawing, and then freezing again of ice cream
puts the substance through the freezing process. The result is a separation of
heavy and light substances which breaks down the food. The researcher feels that
the same end result may happen with the cleaning materials.


Test Concept:
In order to determine weather the glaciation process affected the
cleaning chemicals, it is first important to establish its potency prior to
freezing. Accordingly, two test sets were ...

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