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Diversity On Campus

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Diversity is defined as "variety" , and variety is defined, by the same dictionary, as "from various backgrounds". Diversity is a word used in describing everyone's differences. A variety of different people, or people from different backgrounds is the type of diversity this paper is focusing on. Diversity on a college campus is great, and the variations of people is vast. Giving college students an excellent opportunity for acquiring, learning, and understanding others skills. These skills and values are important to the future of our planet and universe. The focus on these understanding and attitudes are to be used by everyone, but not forced on everyone.
The differences on a college campus vary greatly. And some differences are easier to accept, and others are more challenging. These differences are a great source for learning, but should not be the only primary focus. Between some people the differences may be infinite, but the similarities are still present among every human. To go a step further you can say all animals have similarities as well as differences. So the skills and values acquired by college students is imperative to the world's survival.
The attitudes and values are well defined concepts that are appropriate for college students to acquire have been described as: "1. Appreciation of similarities and differences. 2.Utilization of techniques that exemplify the best traditions of true democracy. 3.Respect for equal worth of one's self and every other person. 4. Respect for law and order; honesty and integrity of thought and action; responsibility; and education.5. Respect for the rights of all equal protection under the law,as well as equal opportunity to secure education, employment, housing, and equal accommodations. 6. Acceptance by individuals and by groups of the responsibility for protecting human rights and to living up to the obligations of citizenship in a democracy. 7. Acknowledgment that differences denote neither inferiority nor superiority. 8. Acceptance of the value and the importance of cultural diversities , and respect and appreciation for their contributions to American life of diverse cultures and religions. 9. Belief in judging others on their individual merits and abilities, without stereotyping because of race, religion, nationality, or socioeconomic status. 10. Belief in cooperating with others to solve common problems, and to improve life for all." These ten concepts should be exercised daily by everyone.
Students can heighten their learning and understandings skills through the following objectives. "1. Practicing the processes used to carry on democracy-processes such as cooperation, goal-setting, competition, study, work, planning, exchange of ideas, decision-making , and evaluation. 2. Realizing that among members of all racial and cultural groups there are to be found similar needs, desires, feelings, and problems. 3. Accepting the fact that adjustments of behavior and attitudes are often necessary in order to win acceptance by others and promote harmonious living. 4. Being aware that all people are interdependent in fulfilling their needs and solving their problems. 5. Learning to recognize that there is a wide range of physical and mental abilities and talents ...

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