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Disabled People

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Social Issues

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There are many people in this world who are born differently from others. I just look at them as being unique in their own way. There is nothing wrong with them, every one has their differences. Theirs is just more noticeable.
don't have it as easy as people may think they have it. Many teenage people are very rude to the disabled and they need to think about if they were different and everyone was rude to them. I think kids my age need to think of what it would be like if they got in an accident or something and became disabled. Kids and others need to be a little kinder to them because it is not their fault they are different. Some people think they actually have it easier than us. What we may think is so easy they think is much harder. And I think people need to realize that and help them out a little. I feel bad for the way they have to live their lives.
Buchanan has many students who are disabled. It is very unfortunate that there are so many of them. Disability awareness is a very big problem in today's society. Most of the students ...

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