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When dinosaur bones were first found they thought that they belonged
to giant lizards. The word "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard". The larger
must have seemed to be terrible to the smaller animals. Some of
the first were only about as big as a small dog. That is how big
the horses of that time were. Over the years, as the dinosaurs aged, they
grew to be much more large in size. The sizes of dinosaurs ranged greatly,
all the way from two feet long to one hundred and fifty feet long. They
weighed as much as fifty tons, which is seven African Bull Elephants.We
first discovered the fossils and bones shortly under the surface of the
Earth. After scientists got more into the study they started to dig deeper
down. The fossils get so deep because of the years of rocks and dirt that
were piled up on it. Some also get buried if a dinosaur were to die next
to a river, and over the years the river probably changed courses a little,
so therefore the bones would be covered up. They would actually be in the
bank of the river.

Evolutionistic View

The Evolutionary theory states that everything evolved over millions
of years. Evolutionists say that dinosaurs came from six million years
back. They also say that the Earth is four to six billion years old. They
say that fifty million years ago there was horses no bigger than dogs, and
birds as tall as man, three hundred million years ago giant dragon flies
buzzed around in the large forests, six million years ago small animals,
called trilobites, lived in the sea and were rulers of the world.
Evolutionists think that the world started off with just plants on it, then
came many- legged animals from the sea (walking fish) that took over. They
feel that a certain kind of fish evolved into the first four-footed animals.
After millions of years those animals tuned into dinosaurs. That is how
dinosaurs got started. Then finally the dinosaurs died off and little,
furry, four-legged creatures appeared. These animals were called mammals,
which then took over the world. Then those mammals evolved into man. The
Evolutionists believe, very strongly, that dinosaurs were extinct millions
of years before there were even any people to walk the Earth.

Why did dinosaurs become extinct?

The Evolutionists had a hard time trying to explain why dinosaurs
became extinct. They had over fifty-five different theories that would
just "come and go". Out of all of those explanations not one of them was a
satisfactory one. A theory that works for large animals would not work for
small animals, and vise-versa. Whatever happened, Evolutionists agree that
it must have been a catastrophe on a world-wide scale.

Christians View

"God created all the animals, including the first dinosaurs" - Genesis
1:20-25. "He made everything in the entire universe - people, stars,
planets, and all that there is." - Exodus 20:11, John 1:3. Those are not
the exact words of those verses, but it is a summary. What that says there
is that God created everything on Earth and that includes Earth itself,
therefore dinosaurs had to have been created by God, which proves evolution
wrong. Dinosaurs are even mentioned in the Bible, of course not by the term
"dinosaur". It uses the ancient name "behemoth". The Bible best
description of a dinosaur is in Job 41:15-24. Job is a very old book,
probably written around 2000 B.C. Here God describes one of the larger
dinosaurs. It is said to be describing a ...

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