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Different Types Of People In Our Society

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Social Issues

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There are many today. Some
of these different kinds of people can be very hard to classify at times.
There are those people who are classified as being rude or discourteous.
Then there are others who are classified as being reserved or set apart
from others. Another type of person that many over look is the sociable
person. This type of person is categorized by informal conversation and
companionship or being friendly.
Rude people are easy to pick out in society. These are the ones who
look as if they are mad at the whole world. They are also the people who
cause the most problems in society. For example, someone is driving down
the road, lost in a city that they know nothing about and they pull up
beside another person to ask where is the nearest reastarnt. They then look
at this other person and in a snapping voice they say that they do not know.
This is what a rude person is like.
Another type of person is a reserved person. This type of person is
the kind of person that is sort of laid back. They do not say things on a
regular bases. One can tell a reserved person because in an unfamiliar
surrounding they will not say much, just look around. Another example of a<...

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