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The years 1840 to 1890 were a period of great growth

for the United States. It was during this time period that

the United states came to the conclusion that it had a

manifest destiny, that is, it was commanded by god to someday

occupy the entire North American continent. One of the most

ardent followers of this belief was President James K. Polk.

He felt that the United States had the right to whatever

amount of territory it chose to, and in doing this the

United States was actually doing a favor for the land it

seized, by introducing it to the highly advanced culture and

way of life of Americans. Shortly after his election he

annexed Texas. This added a great amount of land to the

United States, but more was to follow. The Oregon Territory

became a part of the United States is 1846, followed by the

Mexican Cession in 1848 and the Gadsden Purchase in 1853. At

this point the United States had accomplished its manifest

destiny, it reached from east to west, from sea to shining

sea. Now that the lands it so desired were finally there,

the United States faced a new problem- how to get its people

to settle these lands so they would actually be worth having.

Realistically, it is great to have a lot of land, but if the

land is unpopulated and undeveloped, it really isn't worth

much. And the government of the United States knew this. One

of the reasons that many did not choose to settle there

immediately was that the lands were quite simply in the

middle of nowhere. They were surrounded by mountains,

inhabited by hostile Indians, and poor for farming. Because

of these geographical conditions, the government was forced

to intervene to coax its citizens into settling the new

lands. Basically the lands were not settled because they

were available, they were settled because of various schemes

the government concocted to make them seem desirable.

The government participated in a great "push" to get

its citizens to move to west. At first few people moved to

the west, but this changed when gold was discovered in


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