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Detroit Lions

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Detroit Lions

The Detroit lions have done better in their new season in the NFL, now that they don't have Barry sanders in their team. Without the man that holds the 2nd highest rushing record in the league, the team of Detroit that has always started their season bad, has started with a 2-0 which hasn't happened in a long time, which is outstanding for the team rating.

This for me is way of the charts, because who would of thought that The 'Lions' would do so well without the man Barry Sanders. I as convinced that the team would be turned into bird food in their first game against Seattle Seahocks, when the Lions totally changed that and made them Lion food. Maybe I taught that this was just a lucky start for them, but on their 2nd game against The Green Bay Packers, I realized that the team was on fire and I was very happy because the Lions is my favorite team, don't ask me why? But it just ...

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