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Desensitized America

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Desensitized America

In Candide by Voltaire, there is an instance in the life of the old woman that outrages her. When she meets up with the Mores and they act abusive and intrusive toward her, she is initially outraged. When she stops to think about it, she exclaims that if she had been a person more knowledgeable about their customs, she would be less upset. This suggests that people everyday overlook acts that would be considered by an outsider to be appalling.
In our society I can think of many instances that we accept, and in many ways we become desensitized to their horror because they are so common. A big example of this is the rampage of violence especially in our school systems. I can remember my freshman year that there was a bombing in a primary school in Scotland. I cannot even remember all of the details, but it was a truly tragic event. The fact that I cannot remember too much more of this story is an example about how we have become desensitized toward violence in schools. I think that every other day we hear instances of this type of horror. Obviously the one that stands out in my mind is the Columbine tragedy, but in between the huge stories, are the instances that are just as tragic but get less press. So many times we hear of children bringing guns to school, teens that play around with guns that don't belong to them, and someone gets hurt or even dies.
In the summer before I was in eighth grade a boy in the class ahead of me was killed by a gun when he and his cousin were having target practice. I cannot even remember the details of that tragedy, and that happened in my own town. I am sure that many of you have your own memories of instances in your hometowns, but sometimes they seem less important when compared to the ?bigger? tragedies. If an outsider looked into ...

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