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Describe the essential dimensi

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Describe the essential dimensi

The essential dimensions of classical management were based on a closed system view of organisation; that is, essential dimensions emphasised on a mechanical structure of control. So the essential dimensions of classical management break down to a set of four rigid and formal guidelines:

_ Bureaucratic forms of control

_ Narrow supervisory span

_ Closely prescribed roles

_ Clear and formal definitions of procedures, which means areas of specialisation and hierarchical relationship.

These essential dimensions of classical management promote formality, symmetry and rigidity. By maintaining these essential dimensions, the goal is that control and compliance exists so as efficiency and productivity is maximised.

Bureaucratic forms of control create standardisation and this is bound with centralised power. These are the attributes wanted by those who are in command. By having strict bureaucratic control, those who are at the top of the hierarchy have much power, while those who are at the bottom have strictly little or no control.

Narrow supervision is an essential dimension to classical management. By maintaining narrow supervision the effectiveness of work is maximised, so as to increase yield and profit. Narrow supervision ensures that the mechanics of an effective organisation remain. Narrow supervision means that there is need for rationality in decision making. Management allocates tasks, control the work being done and motivate those doing it. The concept is that by making the workers ...

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