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Describe an experience that changed you

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Describe an experience that changed you

The black pirate hat danced around in the air, weaving and bobbing to some Disneyland music. Attached to it was my head and the rest of me, being dragged along on this wild ride. The only sounds I heard were ones of trumpets soaring higher and higher, trying to hit an absurdly high note. The pirate hat and the warm Florida night had taken control, and my self-consciousness went right out the window. I danced, not greatly or with any skill whatsoever, but I danced. For that one night, at the end of our trip to Florida and Walt Disney World, I enjoyed life in a way I never have before.

Earlier that evening, I had wandered around the hotel, feeling lonely and bored. My roommate and I had planned on visiting the theme parks, but his father, a chaperon, had taken him out for a surprise birthday dinner. So I was left alone to wander. Feeling in the mood to play some video games, I headed out to the arcade with a crisp ten dollar bill. Fifteen minutes later, I walked out, penniless, after quickly finding out that I should never get behind the wheel of a race car. I don't believe I even managed to complete one lap, let alone finish. On the way back, I ran into some friends of mine, who had returned from dinner to get their tickets for the theme parks. Seeing how lonely I was, they invited me to go with them. I agreed, happy to do anything.

We got our tickets, and decided to go to the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks and the parade. When we arrived there, we walked around, stopping to get some ice cream and pie. The air was constantly filled with the screams of joy from children running around, and every person had a smile on his face. The happy mood was contagious and I began ...

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