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Dennis Rodman

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Title: Bad As I Wanna Be
# of pages: 258


The book takes place in Dallas, Texas where Dennis
Rodman lived while he was a kid, Detroit, Michigan where Dennis
Rodman played basketball for the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio,
Texas where Dennis Rodman played basketball for the San Antonio
Spurs, and Chicago, Illinois where Dennis Rodman is currently
playing for the Chicago Bulls.


Dennis Rodman. A pro basketball player who plays
for the Chicago Bulls. He averages 18.7 rebounds a game which
90% of the time is the best in the NBA. He is currently making
10 million dollars a year. He is divorced and has a daughter
named Alexis. He says Alexis is the only reason he is here


On April of 1993 Dennis Rodman sat in his pick-up truck
with a gun in his lap deciding whether he should kill himself.
He was in depression at the time because the Detroit Pistons were
doing very poorly that year considering they were Champions of<...

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