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Defending Pro Wrestling

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Defending Pro-Wrestling

As people flip through the channels on Monday nights they pass over at least two

different professional wrestling shows. When people notice the wrestling the most common thing for them to do is to keep flipping the channels. Why? Because the common view of professional wrestling is that it is not real and it is stupid. Two years ago I thought the same thing about professional wrestling, in fact I refused to watch it. During the summer of my junior year in high school my boyfriend and I made a deal - he would watch The Little Mermaid with me if I would watch wrestling, so I agreed. We watched wrestling first and to my surprise it was not as bad as I thought. There are actual story lines that go on through the whole show,just like a soap opera such as General Hospital. The wrestlers I saw were amazing they were so muscular and talented. I was in shock because I thought that I hated wrestling more than anything...didn't I? After watching it a few more times I became hooked and I have since learned all about wrestling and what a truly great sport it is. People assume that wrestlers are just faking all the moves they perform ,and that they really are not that strong. After watching wrestling for so long I have learned a lot about the wrestlers and their backgrounds. Many of the professional wrestlers played high school and college football. A prime example of this is my favorite wrestler The Rock, he played football for the Miami Hurricanes and was an All-American player. The skill required to perform these moves is not something everyone has. I doubt that a person with out training could lift a 300 lbs. plus man up and throw him around a wrestling ring. The wrestlers train everyday and are true athletes. While most of the moves are fake they do require there is risk involved. Countless wrestlers have been injured doing these 'fake' moves. Two good examples are Bret Hart and Owen Hart. Bret Hart was performing a move of the top rope and when he landed he broke almost all of his ribs. No one knew he was serious so the show went on. Most people have heard about Owen Hart, who

passed away this year while performing a routine entrance which involved being

lowered from the ceiling, the ropes broke and he plunged to his death. Every Monday night millions of people around the world ...

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Keywords: wrestling defense techniques, what is the difference between tactical defending and legacy defending, pro wrestling rules

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