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Dave Matthews' "Dancing Nancies"

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Dave Matthews'
Dave Matthews'
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Many critics hailed Dave Mathews Band as, 'the impressive alternative to alternative rock.' I was definitely impressed and hooked with one song. I was mesmerized by the sounds that poured from my radio speakers. This band was different. Dave Mathews Band combined instruments rarely ever heard on the stage of rock 'n' roll. In doing this they created a sound both unique and addicting. Rolling Stone, commented on the new group writing, 'Dave Mathews Band operates completely outside the parameters of current trends.' I for one had never heard a similar band. Although Dave Mathews Band has kept similar expressions as traditional rock, they refuse to conform. Dave Mathews Band brought the fiddle, saxophone and even the occasional flute into the category of rock 'n' roll. Using these new instruments combined with the old ones: acoustic guitars, the electric bass and the drums, the new band created a sound that almost laughed in the face of modern pop rock and quickly rose to the charts. The debut of 'Dancing Nancies' on the band's first professional album entitled, Under the Table and Dreaming, was a prime example of what Dave Mathews Band was capable of.
'Dancing Nancies' encompasses life in its theme by raising an important question about it, 'Could I have been anyone other then me?' Some people would read this question and see nothing more then a simple sentence. Perhaps focusing on the media exposure, they are often the ones who fail to grasp true understanding of the music. Others, however, read this same simple sentence, but dig deeper into the meaning of the question. These individuals search for an understanding greater than the interpretations fed to them by pop culture. In doing so they discover parallels to their everyday lives and feelings hidden in the music. I have often asked myself, 'what if things had been different, who would I be now?' 'Dancing Nancies,' appeals to its audience because it centers this thought as its theme. It sucks you in by relating to a question of everyday life and though the answer is wrapped in its lyrics, it sheds light on a new perspective that helps find what is lost.
The song's first verse is a series of questions that people might ask themselves. All the questions begin with the phrase, 'Could I have been?' which raises similar thoughts in the mind of the listener. Dave Mathews, uses the second verse to tell the story of a man, searching his mind, trying to find who he is. This verse is injected periodically with more questions, all of them similar to each other, all of them ask if things could have been different. The verse ends with a summary of everything before it, 'could I have been anyone other then me?' and is sung in a gradually building voice. The climax hits with a burst of uplifting music from the full band, and feelings of contentment spring from the third verse. The words, 'what's the use in ...

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