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Dadis family

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Dadis family

First off, before making important notes about the video, I would like to comment that for me the videos really help add to the class. It helps bring to life all of the readings.

There were several things I noticed in the video Dadi's Family that related well to the readings that we have been using in class. I will proceed to show three of these relations that were the most intriguing to me.

In Robbie E. Davis-Floyd's article entitled "Gender and Ritual- Giving Birth the American Way," one of the first things he/she (I wasn't sure) states was that, "the way a society treats pregnancy and childbirth reveals a great deal about the way that society treats women." (Davis-Floyd 403) I thought this was significant in relation to the movie because Dadi mentioned several things about having Children in the film. She said something to the effect that when it is a boy they celebrate and when it is a girl there is no celebration. For Dadi's family having a male child is like to have a child forever, without sharing them later. All of the males stay and pool the income, but women do not, they must go and be married. I found it sad that the birth of a daughter is not exciting. But Davis-Floyd's analysis seems correct in this situation. Depending on the number of sons that one has the more wealth they will have. There is security in having boys, but then at the same time, I noticed at points, the women sang and talked of the wonders of being a daughter. It ...

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