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Daddy What's Propaganda'

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I do not know anymore, Its getting to hard to tell the differences between propaganda and news.' Propaganda-Systematic efforts to spread opinions or beliefs. (The World Book Dictionary,Volume 2, copyright1967) A more modern definition would read the same except now it is more frequently used to describe the government's brand of news. And with the 30: second candidate in place, propaganda can spread faster in thirty seconds then it did in the seemingly ancient methods of getting on a train and going to every town. Which took a minimum of 5 month but with the age of 30:canidate setting in the West, along the horizon in the East the dawning of a new era in politics rises, with web pages, Emails and web TV. Imagine how quickly propaganda can spread then. It's like a frenzy of Madison Avenue sharks trying to tap the new computer market while squeezing dry the old. And at the rate there going they will have my grand kids asking me Grandpa what's propaganda, hopefully I w ill still remember the answer.
' I stand for freedom and the American way,' wow so does everybody else. This propaganda technique is called glittering generalities. When a candidate says things that appeals to everyone in hopes to sway your vote. That's just one psychological mind game that politicians use to spread propaganda. Johnson had a controversial commercial during cold war times, which implied that is opponent was trigger-happy. In a time were everyone 's worst fear was that they were going to get blown up by Russian nukes, how could anyone in the right minds vote for a man who would get the U.S blown up. That was the train of thought that went through Johnson 's advertisers minds while that aired. The tactic they used was a sophisticated political tactic called Name-Calling it may remind some people of childhood. . When the cards are stacked against people they usually fold. Card stacking a technique where a person only uses facts that support them. Polls show that family is the way ...

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