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I want to be a crime scene investigator because I enjoy solving puzzles and would like to be able to help solve crimes. Crime is a major factor of today's life in the United States. Crime scene investigators are the support for the investigator in charge of the case. A crime scene investigator is responsible for the documentation, identification, processing and collection of physical evidence from the scene of a crime.

The collection of fingerprints is only one of many means a crime scene investigator can use to identify or exonerate a suspect of a crime. Fingerprints have been used since ancient times, although used as a means of uniquely identifying a person, only since the nineteenth century. A fingerprint is unique to each individual. By using the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) a fingerprint can be compared through files and a list of possible matches determined. AFIS has allowed many crimes that were unsolved to be solved.

Identification can also be done with DNA testing. DNA is contained in virtually every cell in the human body and does not change during a person's lifetime. Technology has made DNA evidence more reliable and efficient and it has been increasingly accepted in a courtroom. A DNA profile can be entered in the FBI's Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) to identify a suspect anywhere in the USA. <...

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