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Critique On The Concept Of Intelligence

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Intelligence is defined as 'the possession of knowledge, the ability to efficiently use knowledge to reason about the world, and the ability to employ that reasoning adaptively in different environments' (Bernstein, Clarke-Stewart, Roy, and Wickens, 1997,pp. 304). But can we accurately measure intelligence? There are a vast variety of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests in the field. Most IQ tests can not accurately measure all aspects of a person's intelligence. I doubt that any of today's IQ tests can even measure any aspect of a person's intelligence.
An IQ test is basses on the knowledge that a person has obtained up to a certain point in his or her life. If a particular person score is above the average for his or her age, then that person is considered to be of a high IQ. There has to be a better way. A person that has not learned a certain amount of information by a certain age is not a stupid person, they are just ignorant to some information that has not been presented to them. This can be determined by several different factors. It can be due to the school a person went to, the upbringing a person had, or even a disability that did not allow this person to have the same advantages that others had. None of these three factors make a person stupid. Yet an IQ test is based on what people know, so according to traditional IQ tests if Mary, age 12 went to a better school than Suzy age 12, and was taught more information that happened to appear on an IQ, Mary would be considered the smarter one. But when presented with the same opportunity Suzy scored the same as Mary. ...

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Keywords: critique of intelligent design

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