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Creative Writing: The Fossilized Story Of Mr. Allosaurus

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Creative Writing

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As the mud starts to surround me I am no longer able to breathe. I
catch my last gasp of air and feel a few last raindrops fall on my head. I say
goodbye to my Earth and my land. My mouth and lungs fill with mud that travels
throughout my system. I am blinded by the wet black soil that has been
downpoured on so hard that it has become deadly. I am frightened. Slowly inch
by inch I sink farther and deeper in the mud. My life will come to an end soon,
and I, the last remaining creature of my kind, will become extinct. I struggle
and fight to survive, but the downcoming mud has to great of a force. I feel
the mud take the place of my heart, and I die. I feel dazed and confused. I
always thought I would die of starvation, not from actually trying to catch my
For thousands of years I have lived underground. I have become a
petrified fossil. All the flesh and skin has either rotted away, or was eaten
by bugs and other things underground. All that remains of me are my bones. I
became petrified, because when I was burried under the ground all those years
the groundwater dissolved all my bones. They were then replaced, a molecule at
a time, by the minerals in the water. This long ...

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