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Creating Writing: The Adventures Of George Mason

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Creative Writing

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It was 1744, a young man named George Mason, sailed into the port
of a tropical island called Agricola. George was a man around 27 years old,
who was bored with his life in Liverpool, England. He had a scruffy face
that looked like he was trying to grow a beard. All and all, George looked
like a man with a nice disposition.
When George arrived at Agricola it was a dark, damp night. The
first thing he noticed was a small fire up on a hill, so he naturally
headed toward that to see what was going on. Once George reached the fire,
he found a very old man with thick glasses looking out over the moon lit
"Are you all right Sir?" George asked the man, figuring that
normally old men aren't out in the still of the night.
"Yes, I'm fine young man." the old man replied. "I haven't seen you
around here before, you must be new on the island."
"Yes Sir."
"Let me introduce myself. I'm Tom John Smith, the lookout. And you
"George Mason, I've come here to try and make a life as a pirate."
"Well, do you have a boat?" asked Tom
"No, I came in a boat used in a British trade route."
"Then the first thing you've got to do is get yourself a boat."
"That's for sure, do you know where I might find a boat for sale?"
"That all depends on how much money you have." Tom said.
"That's why I want to be a pirate, I have no money. And I'm not
able to take over a ship by myself."
"I guess you'll have to get a job then. There's a diner in the
village up the road, and I believe they are in need of a dish washer."
"Really, I've get down there and see about that job before someone
else gets it."
"Well, I'll be seeing you around then?"
"Yes, but I was just wondering."
"Why does a man of your age have the position of lookout?"
"Because everyone else is to lazy nowadays."
"Oh...well, good-bye"
George walked down the street, found the diner, and got the job.
He worked for a year and thought that he would never get enough money. But
eventually he saved enough money for an old run down ship. While he was in
the town he met a number of people like himself, looking for a job as a
pirate. So he gathered a bunch of them together to form a crew.
On the fifth of July, 1757, George and his crew of thirty or so men
set out for the open sea. The plan was to head up to the Spanish peninsula
just below the English colonies and try to plunder any Spanish treasure
ship that left the peninsula.
As they were leaving the dock, George ran into a captain of a large,
beautiful ship and since the ship had no flag, George came to the
conclusion he was also a pirate.
"How fare you good sir?" George asked the man.
"Not bad. How about you?"
"All right", answered George. "Where are you headed?"
"The Spanish peninsula" the man replied.
"Really! Me too. Well, I've got to run mister...I'm sorry. I didn't
catch your name?"
"Johnson, Edward Johnson" said the man speaking as if he had
something on his mind.
"Nice ...

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