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Creatine 2

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Creatine 2


Creatine is a substance that is used in athletics; it has both good and horrible effects. The effects of Creatine might include faster development of the muscles in your body, but the side effects can be drastic and are said to be extremely dangerous. Yet this product is still legal? Why? Who knows, but the point is clear that this can hurt the body. This substance isn't even FDA approved and they are even saying it is still in the experimental stage, yet thousands of people around the globe are using this "Creatine", and no one has a clue about what could happen to their body.

Some side effects of Creatine include muscle tears and pulls, liver and kidney damage, constriction of the blood vessels around the heart, pancretitis, and asthma.

Muscle tears and pulls are said to be linked to Creatine when used in physical activity. Reasons for pulls and tears are the fast growth of the muscles. This can cause muscles to be tighter than usual causing pulls and tears.

Liver and kidney damage are caused by Creatine increasing the amount of ATP (adenosine tryphosphate) that is used for energy, made by the kidneys, which can cause the kidneys to stop producing ATP because of an overload of ATP being made from the Creatine. This can result in ...

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