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Crash Course In Density

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As flight 143, a twin engine 767, was passing over Red Lake on its was
to Edmonton, Canada, the left front fuel pump warning light went on. There were
a few possibilities for this to happen, such as the fuel pump failing, a fuel
line clogging, or a empty fuel tank. The former two were easily dealt with,
since the plane could fly without one fuel pump. However, the last possibility
was horrifying. After a few minutes, the second fuel pump in the left wing
began to blare. It would be too much of a coincidence for two fuel pumps to
independently fail, or two fuel lines to independently clog, so it was apparent
that the left tank was out of fuel. Quickly, the pilots decided that getting to
Edmonton was out of the question. The nearest large airport was at Winnipeg, so
they radioed ahead and changed their course. In a few minutes, all four of the
fuel pumps had failed. The worst possible news, they were out of fuel. In a
few more minutes the engines stopped running, and all of the high tech
instruments became useless.
They realized that they could not even make it ...

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