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Cornell Essay

By unlocking the door to (name) past, one
sees his thoughts and actions when they first
took hold of his persona. This essay serves
as a key to that door and to my current

The first beloved books in my life were the
Sesame Street Encyclopedia volumes. At
three, I wasn't old enough to read them, but I
always wanted to have them read to me. In
fact, I memorized the ten volume set so when
my parents would skip some pages I would
ask them to read what they skipped. After
learning to read on my own, my favorite book
became the anatomy volume in the Charlie
Brown Encyclopedia. Courtesy of a
supermarket book offer, I was the only
kindergartner who knew about fertilized egg
cells. As I grew older, I continued to read
largely because reading taught me so much
outside of what we learned in school.

Since kindergarten, my extensive reading also
originated my various interests, especially in
science. Living within walking distance of the
library, I went there every day, enabling me to
dabble in a different subject during each visit.
By the fourth grade, I had read all the
chemistry ...

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