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Contrasting Views

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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois agreed and disagreed on many specific issues. However, the differences between these two men actually enhanced the status of Black Americans in the struggle for racial equality.
DuBois always practiced what he preached. His speeches influenced many, and always used the pen as his mightiest weapon. He used it to encourage blacks to be proud and have pride in everything they have accomplished. DuBois had used the pen to encourage blacks to fight for the rights that they have been denied.
It has not been our fault. Rather we have been the blame and blamed ourselves for this lack of "economic progress", as it is called. We are rather ashamed that we have not developed more millionaires and more big business. (Paschal 154)
DuBois believed that assimilation was the best means of treating discrimination against blacks in the 1920's. Education was a key to a diverse and cultural society. DuBois being a well-respected intellectual and leader, worked to reach goals of education and peaceful resolutions between the races and classes. (Glenn 230)
DuBois felt that the black leadership, of Booker T. Washington, was too submissive. Washington wanted blacks to try and get along with society "trying to fit in". He was encouraging blacks to become educated in the "white man's world". He tried to get blacks into working in agriculture, helping with industry and, to accepting that they get a second class status in American society. DuBois felt that Washington's plan would cause blacks to give up.
While DuBois respected Booker T. Washington and his accomplishments, he felt that blacks needed political power to protect what they had and what they earned. DuBois called for a new plan of action. He felt that the greatest ...

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