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Constructive Criticism

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could be considered a paradox. "Constructive"
implies the intention of advancing a good purpose or to provide help.
Conversely, "criticism" (of course) suggests that an individual or item is
being judged severely, and the feedback returned in a harsh manner.
Constructive criticism, in principle, expands to utilize both of the above
methods by essentially pointing out faults in a manner that the individual
or item which possesses them can remedy any perceived shortcomings.
Constructive criticism helps many individuals, often without their
conscious knowledge, every day. In the United States of America, a working
representation of constructive criticism can be found in the Congress of
the United States. Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives
are often subjected to many types of criticism from their respective
constituents. Senators and Representatives must make frequent decisions on
important issues based upon feelings and desires expressed by the citizens
of their district. In this manner, constructive criticism helps to improve
the accuracy and quality of choices made for the nation by our elected

Found in some form in nearly every aspect of our society, constructive
criticism is an indispensable facet of human improvement. The vast majority
of ideas and behavioral characteristics can be improved, often quite
substantially, by a different individual who possesses a contrasting
perspective. Every human is unique, and has ideas indigenous to his
personality and experience. A contrasting point of view can often be used
to provide legitimate, constructive input more effectively than could an
individual with a similar perspective.

Internet newsgroups abound on the world wide web. Newsgroups, or Usenet
forums, are servers designed for the sharing of ideas between thousands of
individuals, with different perspectives, each day. Topics range from
romance to science fiction and beyond, yet on any given topic there is
never a universally accepted constant. Every individual's views on what is
romantic or what is realistic in science fiction are different. Usenet
groups are an excellent example of criticism in many forms, ...

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