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Confucianism And Christianity

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Confucianism And Christianity

The premise of Confucian teachings are centered on the idea of Jen or the virtue of. To accomplish this divinity, five relationships must be honored: ruler and subject, living family to ancestors, father and son, elder and younger brother, husband and wife. These relationships led a push for a revolution of the political system to adopt the methods of Jen. Confucius sought to revive the ancient Chinese culture by redefining the importance of society and government. He described a society governed by reasonable, humane, and just sensibilities, not by the passions of individuals arbitrarily empowered by hereditary status. He felt that this could be achieved through education and the unification of cultural beliefs. He believed that citizens that were cultivated people whose intellects and emotions had been developed and matured by conscious people would benefit a nation. He felt that those born into the feudal system were had a personal duty to excel socially by means of power. Those who were of lesser class should also seek out education to better themselves. Confucius felt that love and respect for authority was a key to a perfect society; this strict respect was practiced through rituals and magic. The Confucius traditions have caused a tradition to set within its institution and are extremely active. It has, unfortunately, allowed the political institution to manipulate the Confucius system, as with Christianity.
Christianity also preaches a divine, brotherly love. Modern Christianity seeks to discover a rational understanding of the person, as did Confucius; yet, Christianity feels that faith in the Jesus Christ, as a personal savior is essential to this enlightenment. It was also under the guise of Christianity that it had to confront totalitarian systems uses of power in its sphere of influence. Christians believed in an Absolute against all absolving of the relative, can protest in the name of God. Some would argue that Confucius did support an Absolute, but he described it as the entirety of Heaven. Several scholars believe that his Heaven was analogous to the God unto which Christians served. Christians feel that in order to gain a Jen-like status one must have a serious relationship ...

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