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Conformity And Obedience

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Social Issues

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Conformity is being able to adhere to social norms to gain respect and also to have a sense of belonging. A study of conformity was done by S.E.Asch who did a study where subjects were given a 6 tasks of matching one line with one of equal length out of a group of 3 lines. The answer was obvious and he tested conformity by using groups of 7 to 9 one of which was a real subject the rest accomplices of Asch and the accomplices all said the wrong answer and the real subject was generally last to answer and 32% of the subjects conformed on all of the tasks and 74% conformed on at least one of the tasks. This shows that conformity is generally people adhering to social norms, and we do this to remain part of a team or society and also to keep respect from people and to have a sense of belonging. To be able to conform you must sometimes sacrifice opinions that you have and also you have to have a good level of self discipline so that you conform to social norms.
Obedience is the ability to take and follow orders from authority. Milgram did a study ending in 1976 which involved 1 person operating switches where it administered a shock to a imaginary learner that the subject could not see but could hear and the learner was pairing cards but each time he got one wrong he was administered an electric shock each shock higher than the last reaching a shock high enough to kill the learner. and because milgram was hte one giving the orders to shock the learner he was an authoritive ...

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