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Condom Dispenser In Highschool

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Acting as nonchalant as their maturity would allow, the four senior boys meandered their way through the busy hallway with only one thought on their minds. Make it to the bathroom without giving away 'The Plan.' Their quarters quietly played an off~key tune as they bounced around in the boys' pockets. The bathroom door was in sight. Without hesitation, the boys walked in and sauntered straight to the wall with the machine marked TROJAN. They each took out a dollar worth of quarters from their pockets, and each bought four TROJAN condoms. The condoms were quietly placed back in the pockets, only later to be blown up and anonymously planted around the principal's office. By putting condom dispenser's in high school bathrooms, more problems would arise, than be solved.
One reason that many students are not sexually active, is because of the lack of protection or the embarrassment of buying protection at a local drug store. And while this would mean sex without protection to many young adults, there are a lot who would refrain from experimenting with sex because of not having protection. By putting a condom dispenser in high school bathrooms, this gives that percentage of teens nice, easy, and anonymous access to condoms. Thus possibly resulting in an increase of sexually active students. Why not leave condoms at the local drug stores, and make it as hard as possible to comfortably buy protection. The embarrassment alone, might keep a few teenagers from having sex.
Not only would putting condom dispensers in high school allow anonymous purchasing of protection, but it might also promote sex to the crowd of people that should not even know what sex is. Imagine walking into the bathroom one morning and there against the back wall is a condom machine. Though this ...

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