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Concepts Of Violence

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Pushing, jumping thrashing, slamming, ripping, throwing, reveling, hurting; these words don't appeal to everyone when it comes down to having a good time. In fact, many people would wonder why anyone would associate themselves with these types of actions. In Paul Tough's article Into the Pit, he explains his thoughts and expectations of the Pit, and the people who engage in the activity that they call moshing.
Some would give you the explanation that it is pure madness and it's only for people who want to release their anger on others. Other people could see it as a possible way to release anger in a constructive manner, without hurting or destroying. Anyway the pit is viewed at; there are still aspects of violence that are prevalent in it. According to Sigmund Freud, 'a powerful measure of desire for aggression has to be reckoned as part of their (man's) instinctual endowment.' Man needs to practice violence and do it at the expense of others.
Rene Girard states that, 'violence is not to be denied, but it can be directed to another object, something it can sink its teeth into.' By analyzing these two new theories on violence, along with Paul Tough's article, one can develop a whole new attitude violence's relation with the mosh pit. Rene Girard explains that it is only human nature to act in violence during the course of his life. Girard also states that people use this anger in other ways besides the devious.
People try to direct their violence into something constructive. When people do this, it is a perfect example of eustress. Eustress is converting stress into a positive manner. Violence is a form of stress because it weighs heavily on the mind and causes misinterpretations. Paul Tough shows that the people who are attending these functions are doing it in a manner to release aggression, but not to physically hurt anyone. When people have these thoughts, it goes deeper than just trying to escape, it's mutual.
The examples that Tough uses in the article are ones that show respect, and in a way, some form of loyalty. One example is when Tough is in the Pit, and he falls on the floor. While he was on the ground, thinking this isn't where I should be and getting somewhat trampled, he suddenly shoots up into the air. Someone grabbed him from the ground and pulled him up. This gives the impression that the 'moshers' don't want anyone to be down and out. They are helping each other get through the concert. This is a form of the respect and loyalty issue.
Tough also explains a situation where a fellow 'mosher' wants a lift into the air. When he was ...

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