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Concentration Camps

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Concentration camp: A camp where persons (as prisoners of war, political prisoners or refugees) are detained or confined. Those persons are usually subject to poor conditions, exposure to the elements and sometimes torture.
People usually associate the term concentration camp with the Nazi camps of WWII. People usually believe that only the Nazis were capable of such cruelty and inhumanity. People are wrong'
You sit crammed in to a small tent with twenty other internees, you cant move and can hardly breath. The foul odder of human wastes stings you nose. You search for water to appease your thirst. You find a trough filled with stagnant bacteria stricken water. Yet even with the smell and film over the top you drink it deeply because its all you have. With your thirst settled as much as its going to be you settle in for the night. Stretching your sores from previous beatings you squeeze in to the huddled mass of other prisoners.
This is what it was like for many of the prisoners of . The prisoners were subject to torture and poor conditions. Many died just because of the conditions and disease circulating around the camps. Others died because of beatings and murder. were inhumane and immoral.

Concentration Camps have been a tool used by countries and armies for years. The earliest modern uses were not German but British. Other countries use camps are the Russians, the Canadians, the Spanish the Serbians of Bosnia and even the United States.

There are two main types of concentration camp, military and political. Both types of camp are different from each other in purpose, but are similar in how they were run and how the prisoners were treated. They both have many forms of cruelty such as torture, sodomy, and experimentation. Other forms of cruelty are exposure to the elements and poor sanitary conditions.

Although concentration camps are inhumane and cruel they do serve a purpose and seem logical to those whom instate them. To the creators of the camps they are tools of military strategy. They are used to protect countries and weaken enemies. In a twisted sense they are a logical strategy.

Genocide is a word often related to concentration camps. Genocide is the mass extermination of one race or species of animal. Genocide played a major role in almost all concentration camps, for example the Nazi camps, in these they tried to wipe out the Jews of Europe. Another example is in British camps. In 1901 they tried to exterminate the entire Boer race of South Africa.

Concentration camps were well organized and run very orderly. In order to do this they had to be run by specially trained individuals. These people have complete control over the life and death of the inmates. These men had to be ruthless and cold hearted a machine. Perhaps the most famous breed of concentration camp

Military camps have been seen many times throughout history. They serve a purpose as strategic tools in war. They used a strategic called demoralization. Demoralization is the striping of a peoples morality in order to win a war, it is a war waged against the innocent civilians. The demoralizers hope that by imprisoning the innocent civilians of a civilization they will cause the fighters give up. Countries that have used Military Camps are England and Spain.

Political Concentration Camps were used to detain and intern anyone considered "politically unreliable" or a political enemy. These camps were used in wars to imprison people who could be spies or a race of people that was mistreated and not trusted in a country. The most infamous example of a political camp is the Nazi camps of Germany. Other countries to use this kind of camp are the Serbians of Bosnia and the Russians.

A third type of camp is an internment camp, internment camps can almost be considered a military camp. Internment camps are not completely concentration camps. They lacked the cruelty and harsh treatment of most concentration camps. This is not to say they weren't bad they wrongly imprisoned innocent people just because of who they were.

Concentration Camps have been a form of punishment, detainment and military strategy for many years in many countries. All of these camps sharing the inhumanity and cruelty of exposing other humans to such drastic extremes and torture. Millions have died in these camps due t the heartless actions of world leaders and countries in crisis and war.


Many times in history have the strategic Military camps been used. Military camps were used during war. They were a mental and physical tool. They used demoralization to mentally fight the enemy. These camps attacked the civilian groups of people to destroy their morality. The English and the Spanish used Military style concentration camps.

Spain had a series of concentration camps in Cuba. These camps were headed and planed by the Spanish general, General Valeriano. General Valeriano used the camps to suppress the Cuban Revolution. He did this by taking the Cuban civilians and imprisoning them. By doing this he kept revolution army leaders from attacking due to the fear that the imprisoned Cuban civilians would be killed. The conditions in the Spanish Concentration Camps were terrible. Many of the prisoners died. They died of diseases and exposure to the elements.

The English can almost be considered the fathers of concentration camps. They had some of the earliest concentration camps. In fact they have had concentration camps dating back to the American Revolutionary War. Andrew Jackson and his brother were put in to these camps as children.

A more well known and documented example of English cruelty with concentration camps is the Boer camps. In 1901 during the Boer revolution the Boer race of Africans began to rebel against England's imperialistic hold over them. The English wanted to win this war badly so they began to wage a war against the civilians of the Boer people. They began by attacking the villages of the Boers filled with woman and children. The English did all of this while males Boers were out away fighting the other part of the English army.

The Boer villages were destroyed, burned to the ground all of there cattle slaughtered. The woman and children were then forced to wander homeless through Africa. This was England's first attempt at demoralizing the Boers, but they misjudged the Boers. The Boers were stronger than they had expected so the English ...

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