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Computer illiteracy

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Computer illiteracy

Computer Illiteracy

There is a problem out there that haunts many troubled souls in our society. It is powerful. It can strip the pimple-faced class whiz of all his sickening pride. It can make the intelligent person feel like a complete idiot. It can make the confident doubt themselves. To those who have this problem, it seeks to make their lives a living hell. This beast is called computer illiteracy. The problems arising from computer literacy are becoming more evident as colleges and companies continually replace humans with computers. Those who suffer from computer illiteracy will find that college and their future careers will become a challenge unless they choose to do something to overcome their handicap.

College is a place to learn. People go to college to expand their knowledge in certain areas which will soon be their careers. But, to the computer illiterate, everyday brings new challenges in the vast, unknown realm of the computer. They ask, 'What is this thing called e-mail, and how does it work?' What are they to do when a teacher assigns the students to send in all assignments by e-mail? Eventually, they will have to learn the basics of e-mail which, in turn, reveals even more problems with being computer illiterate. For an essay, the teacher requires that they go to the library to do research. The computer illiterate happily walks into the library to do their research. Imagine their surprise when they find out that the main tool of research is one of those darn computers. The poor illiterates stare blankly at a computer screen while the monotone library aide goes through a boring speech about how to use the computer. Because they are computer illiterate, the research takes twice as long than that of those who know the basics of computers. The other day I watched as a student tried to master the challenge of using a mouse. Because he had not ever used one before, it was completely hilarious watching him become frustrated with a thing the computer literate call 'double-clicking'. After time, he eventually learned to use the mouse effectively. How is a college student to function without the simple ...

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