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Comparson of Mouse and Trackba

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Comparson of Mouse and Trackba

Computers incorporate various pieces of equipment that allow the user to interact with the software. Since the idea of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been accepted, people rely on a mouse to move the "cursor" around the screen. Most of the time the "cursor" is simply an arrow that lets the user know where its position is on the screen. In addition to a mouse some people prefer trackballs. A mouse and a trackball can be contrasted in terms of their physical shape, logical functionality, and space consumption.

A mouse and a trackball could be described as a total opposite in their physical shape. The mouse received its name because the cord resembles a tail and can move around the workspace in any direction. The mouse also has a ball inside that rolls along the workspace. An electronic connection is also built inside the mouse itself to get power through the mouse in order to run. On the other hand, a trackball is named that because the user is able to move the position of the cursor around the screen using a ball. The ball is located on the topside of the trackball and movement is performed with the thumb instead of the whole hand that is easier and it consumes less time than using the whole hand. Therefore, the mouse and the trackball are different in their shape but they both perform the same task.


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