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Comparison of Computers and Paper as Media

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Comparison of Computers and Paper as Media

One morning, several weeks ago, my father proposed that the family subscribe to the Internet-based version of the New York Times. This was, needless to say, a preposterous suggestion, voted out immediately by the rest of the family. I, for one, knew that I could never give up that feeling of leaning back at the breakfast table, with the paper spread out before me, blocking out my surroundings as I journey through the world inside. To do this all on a computer, peering at the screen through its glare, simply doesn't have the same appeal.
That is not to say that computers do not have their place. There are innumerable web sites dedicated to information on every subject imaginable. I recently did some research to determine the car engines that would best meet my needs and keep within a viable price range. Did I go to the library and sift through their assortment of books on the topic? Would anybody? No! The Internet is the indisputable leader in the field of research. I typed ? into Netscape, and all the information I needed was within easy reach.
Paper really does seem rather limited in its ability to relay information. A person is confined to the books and magazines present. We all read magazines, but you can only buy a limited amount, and they don't necessarily write about the specific topics that you are looking to read.
Novels are the only area that books still rival computers, as far as information goes. It would be awkward trying to read a novel from a computer, and perhaps as a result of that, novels are generally not published in a digital version. Actually, Stephen King recently published a short novel online, but it's too early to judge his success.
Whether or not his venture works out, there will always be a power in ...

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